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The Fleur Du Coeur Team

We're Fleur Du Coeur, a London based silk florist specialising in stunning bouquets and arrangements. We launched in 2020 after spending 2 years researching the highest quality silk stems from around the world. We're still astonished by the quality of the silk flowers we select for our bouquets, and we're on a mission to share with the world how fantastically stunning, sustainable and hassle free silk flowers can be. 

Beautifully Realistic Silk Flowers

Our luxurious silk flower bouquets are made with the highest quality silk stems, which are hand-selected to perfectly imitate a fresh flower or foliage. Our stems have the advantage of being unfixed (not glued into a vase), allowing you to display them as you please and mix and match your flowers as your collection grows, rather than having a fixed arrangement.

Hassle-free Longevity

Silk flowers are growing in popularity because they are fuss-free and long lasting, as well as being stunningly beautiful and realistic. We prioritise selecting the highest quality stems to make sure our bouquets are as realistic as the real thing. 

Some other advantages are:

- non-seasonal (yes, peony season can be every season!)

- no need for watering or constant attention

- perfect for dark rooms or interiors

- no need to throw away after only a week of use

Sustainable Beauty

Our silk flowers are multi-use, making them a brilliant sustainable alternative to fresh flowers. Why re buy new flowers every few weeks when our silk flowers last forever and look just as good.

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